CLPHA-HUD 2011 Going Green Conference

CLPHA and HUD held a two-day conference in July 2011 on greening public housing.

A number of presentations and videos from the conference are now available on the HUD and CLPHA websites. The presentations cover a range of topics, from financing energy efficiency to how to get the most out of an energy audit.  The videos, which were filmed and edited  by the Housing Authority Insurance (HAI) Group, include:

Plenary Speakers & Panels

  • HUD Asst. Sec. Sandra Henriquez
  • Director of the HUD Office of Sustainable Development Shelley Poticha
  • Senior HUD  Staff Panel
  • Making the Case for Green Housing Panel with Greg Russ, Cambridge Housing Authority; Casius Pealer, Oyster Tree Consulting; and Sunia Zaterman, CLPHA Executive Director

Case Studies from Baltimore, Boston and El Paso

Keynote Addresses by James Hunt, Boston Housing Authority  and Tim Duggan, Make it Right Foundation, New Orleans

Chicago Housing Authority Presentations

Financing for Green Public Housing