Focus Groups: Housing + Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Tuesday, December 11 at 2 PM EST, and
Wednesday, December 17 at 2 PM EST


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is planning to update the designated housing rule for low-income seniors and non-elderly disabled Americans (24 CFR 945) in 2014. HUD’s regulatory changes will clarify and streamline the procedures through which public housing agencies designate housing for these individuals. Under this rule, public housing agencies can designate a low-income housing development or a portion of it for seniors only, non-elderly disabled only, or a mix of seniors and non-elderly disabled.

Health Impact Assessment
The Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, is working with the Oregon Public Health Institute and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to conduct a health impact assessment, or HIA, of HUD’s proposed regulatory changes. An HIA brings together scientific data, health expertise, and public input to identify the potential—and often overlooked—health effects of proposed projects, policies, and programs.

The goal of this HIA is to understand the housing and supportive service needs of public-housing eligible senior and non-elderly disabled families and the potential health implications and associated health care costs of proposed regulatory changes to the designated housing rule. The assessment also seeks to understand the potential implications of the proposed changes on public housing administration, financing, and management. This HIA will also provide HUD with recommended actions to optimize potential health benefits and minimize adverse effects and will highlight opportunities to improve health and administrative efficiency while reducing health-related costs.

Input from public housing administrators, both those currently using the rule and those that are not, is essential to the success and value of this HIA. CLPHA is participating on the advisory committee for this HIA, along with a diverse group of other advisory committee members, to inform the assessment by contributing expertise in housing policy, fair housing, homelessness, housing administration, and issues that may affect seniors or individuals with disabilities.

Focus Groups with CLPHA Members

CLPHA, along with our partners from the Health Impact Project, invite you to participate in one of two upcoming online focus groups to inform this study with your experiences providing rental housing for low-income seniors and non-elderly disabled residents. The focus groups will be held on Tuesday, December and Wednesday, December 17, each from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST. During the focus groups, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of designated housing, strategies you have used to connect senior and non-elderly disabled residents to basic needs and supportive services, and the processes you use to determine housing needs and allocate housing resources in your community.

Register for a Focus Group
Please RSVP so we know whom to expect as part of the discussion. Each group will be limited to 15 participants in order to facilitate discussion. If you are unable to participate on either of these dates but would like to discuss the health impact assessment of the designated housing rule, please contact CLPHA Director of Special Projects Carmen Brick.


•   Health Impact Project's HIA Fact Sheet