• 1 The Capitol Gateway HOPE VI mixed-use, mixed-income community, Washington, D.C.
  • 3 Seattle's High Point Public housing is built around parks for children and a community garden.
  • 3 Two of Cuyahoga Housing Authority's seven green roofs, LakeView Terrace, Cleveland
  • 3 Tremont Pointe, a HOPE VI development and the first multi-family green project in Ohio.
  • 3 Walsh Construction, the Pomegranate Center and the Salishan Community of Tacoma, Washington came together to create a courtyard and park. Photo by Eugene Shibayama.
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The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities supports the nation's largest and most innovative housing authorities by advocating for the resources they need to solve local housing challenges and create communities of opportunity.  More about CLPHA >

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After 20 years in public housing, hairstylist and single mother of three Eva Alcocer purchased her own home thanks to the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso’s Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program. The City also provides loan assistance to HACEP residents for the purpose of principal reduction, making homeownership feasible and sustainable to these low-income families, who also gain economic self-sufficiency through classes on financial literacy, housing counseling, and budgeting to save money.  (9/12/2014)

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CLPHA Fall Meeting: October 23-24

Register now! Online registration is now open for our 2014 Fall Meeting, which will be held October 23-24 in Washington, DC. View meeting and accommodation details (access requires member login) > 

Senate Confirmations Approved, Appropriations Stall

On July 9, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro was confirmed by the full U.S. Senate to be the next Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Mayor Castro was nominated to fill the vacancy caused by current outgoing Secretary Shaun Donovan.  He is expected to be sworn in as HUD Secretary before the end of July.  On July 10, current HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan was confirmedby the full U.S. Senate to be the next Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Secretary Donovan’s transition to OMB Director is also expected to be completed before the end of July. In appropriations action, S. 2438, the Senate version of the HUD funding bill, was bundled and made part of the “minibus” bill H.R. 4660. The H.R. 4660 minibus subsequently passed through a series of procedural motions and votes on the Senate floor on June 17.  However, it stalled on the Senate floor. 

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A Focus on the Power of Partnerships at CLPHA's Summer Meeting

CLPHA's Summer Meeting, on June 18-20, brought the membership together in sunny Los Angeles, CA for a tour, discussions, and presentations that focused on partnering for collective impact on the local level. We are thankful to our hosts at the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, whose leadership and staff organized a meeting that proved to be engaging, informative, and uplifting. View the full meeting agenda, and follow the links below for summaries of the presentations and links to related materials.

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Study Shows Residents of HUD-Assisted Housing in Poor Health

A new study, “Picture of Housing and Health: Medicare and Medicaid Use Among Older Adults in HUD-Assisted Housing,” has successfully linked administrative data from the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Health and Human Services (HHS). The resulting dataset confirmed that HUD-assisted residents in the study’s twelve geographic areas were sicker and more costly to Medicare and Medicaid than their peers living in non-subsidized housing in the community.

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Office of Inspector General Makes Recommendations about HUD-VASH Implementation

On June 18, the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG) released an Audit Report on HUD’s Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program. The audit concluded that HUD adequately implemented and monitored the HUD-VASH program, but that changes are needed to improve HUD-VASH lease rates. With members echoing the OIG's concerns, CLPHA is working with other HUD-VASH stakeholders to advocate for program improvements.

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Short-Term CR Passed by Congress

On September 17, in a bipartisan vote of 319-108, the House passed H.J.Res. 124, a stopgap spending measure to fund the federal government until December 11. The Senate, in quick action and an equally bipartisan vote of 78-22, also passed the measure on September 18. While H.J.Res. 124 did not contain any anomalies, or funding changes for housing, it will continue funding HUD and other government programs and services at current FY14 levels. The CR will remain in place until Congress either passes annual appropriations legislation for FY15 or extends funding by CR beyond the December 11 termination date. Passage of the measure was one of the final major actions in both chambers before members headed home for the 2014 elections.

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Creating a Shared Vision for Improving Life Outcomes through Affordable Housing

When discussing the affordable housing crisis in his first policy speech, HUD Secretary Julián Castro pointed to housing as a springboard for success and noted the need to work across silos. CLPHA and its members could not agree more. There is an urgent need to increase investment in affordable housing and to better align systems in order to improve life outcomes for low-income families. In order to achieve this, we recognize the importance of articulating clearly who benefits from affordable housing investment and how this investment is critical to realizing broader national goals. CLPHA members are committed to creating a shared vision for improving the life outcomes of those we serve by reframing the critical importance of affordable housing. We invite support for this statement as well as collaboration from partners and stakeholders at all levels and across sectors.

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Secretary Castro Elaborates on HUD Vision in First Policy Speech

On September 16, HUD Secretary Julián Castro delivered his first policy speech at the Bipartisan Policy Center, which elaborated on his vision for HUD. He spoke of the opportunity that HUD offers all Americans through housing—a chance to be part of the success and progress of the country’s growing economy, rebounding businesses, and strengthening housing market. “HUD is the Department of Opportunity. It plays a powerful role in helping folks lift themselves up…And we’ll spend the next two-and-a-half years expanding opportunity for all Americans.”

The two components he described were improving access to homeownership for underserved borrowers and increasing the supply and access to decent, affordable rental housing. Secretary Castro reiterated support for RAD as a key component to solving the affordable housing crisis, and he spoke of the need for systems alignment and working across silos to achieve the successes made possible by access to affordable housing and communities of opportunity.

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Current Issues
Building Opportunity:
Improving Life Outcomes Through Housing

At the heart of every housing authority’s mission is improving the lives of the families and individuals they serve. For many housing authorities, this means coordinating with the education, workforce development, health care, transportation, and social services systems on the local level to provide supports and opportunities to residents.

Yet, innovative practice on the local level has not led to the broad-scale change that is needed to lift more than 43 million Americans out of poverty. Thus, CLPHA and its members have committed to work with interested practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to reshape the way that the housing system works with other systems at the federal level.

This effort, called “Building Opportunity” for short, will create that systems change by:

  • Developing knowledge about local level challenges to partnering with other systems;
  • Sharing successful practices and solutions to challenges with practitioners across sectors; and
  • Promoting the implementation of policies that align systems to federal policymakers.
Local practitioners across sectors already know from experience that when systems work together, outcomes for families and individuals living in poverty are improved. Learn more about how housing authorities are working with other systems and how to be part of Building Opportunity >

ReThink: Why Housing Matters

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CLPHA is proud to be a part of HAI Group's ReThink initiative, a national public awareness campaign encouraging people to reconsider their perceptions about public housing and realize the benefits it offers individuals and the greater community.

Visit www.ReThinkHousing.org to learn more, and join the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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