• 1 The Capitol Gateway HOPE VI mixed-use, mixed-income community, Washington, D.C.
  • 3 Seattle's High Point Public housing is built around parks for children and a community garden.
  • 3 Two of Cuyahoga Housing Authority's seven green roofs, LakeView Terrace, Cleveland
  • 3 Tremont Pointe, a HOPE VI development and the first multi-family green project in Ohio.
  • 3 Walsh Construction, the Pomegranate Center and the Salishan Community of Tacoma, Washington came together to create a courtyard and park. Photo by Eugene Shibayama.
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The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities supports the nation's largest and most innovative housing authorities by advocating for the resources they need to solve local housing challenges and create communities of opportunity.  More about CLPHA >

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CLPHA's fall 2015 members' meeting draws strong reviews

CLPHA members gathered in Washington, DC in late October for the fall 2015 meeting, a conference which has drawn very positive feedback from numerous attendees for a full and informative agenda that covered a broad range of compelling topics.

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Secretary Castro to CLPHA: You can count on HUD

In his keynote speech to CLPHA members at the 2015 fall members’ meeting, Secretary Julian Castro praised the large housing authorities in the audience for being “as innovative today as they have been at any time in public housing’s history.”

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Assistant Secretary Velasquez: AFFH makes "process easier, not harder"

Gustavo Velasquez, Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, used the opportunity of a speech to CLPHA members to attempt to assuage the concerns of housing authorities about how HUD will implement its new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.

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CLPHA receives another Gates Foundation grant for systems-alignment work

Following support awarded in 2014, CLPHA was awarded a three-year grant of $400,000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue our important work in aligning the housing and education systems to better coordinate efforts to increase life outcomes of children and youth from some of the nation’s most vulnerable low-income families.

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HUD issues criminal-reentry guidance to housing authorities

The mere existence of an arrest record is not grounds for eviction or denying tenancy, HUD said in guidance just issued to inform decisions by housing authorities and other providers of federally assisted housing.

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Current Issues
Building Opportunity:
Improving Life Outcomes Through Housing

At the heart of every housing authority’s mission is improving the lives of the families and individuals they serve. For many housing authorities, this means coordinating with the education, workforce development, health care, transportation, and social services systems on the local level to provide supports and opportunities to residents.

Yet, innovative practice on the local level has not led to the broad-scale change that is needed to lift more than 43 million Americans out of poverty. Thus, CLPHA and its members have committed to work with interested practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to reshape the way that the housing system works with other systems at the federal level.

This effort, called “Building Opportunity” for short, will create that systems change by:

  • Developing knowledge about local level challenges to partnering with other systems
  •  Sharing successful practices and solutions to challenges with practitioners across sectors and
  •  Promoting the implementation of policies that align systems to federal policymakers.
Local practitioners across sectors already know from experience that when systems work together, outcomes for families and individuals living in poverty are improved. Learn more about how housing authorities are working with other systems and how to be part of Building Opportunity.

ReThink: Why Housing Matters

CLPHA is proud to be a part of HAI Group's ReThink initiative, a national public awareness campaign encouraging people to reconsider their perceptions about public housing and realize the benefits it offers individuals and the greater community.

Visit www.ReThinkHousing.org to learn more, and join the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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