Jobs & RFPs

To post a job, please email as a Word attachment.

Announcements remain for 60 days unless otherwise requested. The date immediately following the city name is the date the item was posted to this site. If given, a second date in parentheses that follows the first is when the posting expires.


Tax Credit Assistant Property Manager (Durham, NC) 02/09/2016 (02/17/2016)

Assistant Director of Administration (San Jose, CA) 02/08/2016

Housing Programs Specialist (San Jose, CA) 02/08/2016

 Senior Housing Programs Analyst (San Jose, CA) 02/08/2016

Housing Programs Supervisor (San Jose, CA) 02/08/2016

Director of Asset Management (Bridgeport, CT) 02/05/2016

Internal Controls Officer (Boston, MA) 02/04/2016 (preference to applicants who apply by 02/12/2016)

Director of Modernization and Development (US Virgin Islands) 02/04/2016

Director, Department of Housing and Community Development (Fairfax County, VA) 02/04/2016 (02/05/2016)

Assistant General Manager - Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (Los Angeles, CA) 02/01/2016 (02/12/2016)

Project Coordinator - Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (Los Angeles, CA) 02/01/2016 (02/12/2016)

Chief Executive Officer - Durham Housing Authority (Durham, NC) 01/28/2016

Senior Financial Analyst (Multnomah County, OR) 01/21/2016 (02/01/2016)

Moving to Work Budget Analyst (Contract) (Orlando, FL) 01/19/2016

RFP - Developer Partner(s) for the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program ("RAD") (Little Rock, AR) 01/12/16 (02/11/16)

Deputy Executive Director of Development and Asset Management (Champaign, IL) 01/07/2016 (02/29/2016)

Grants Management Specialist III (Cambridge, MA) 01/07/2016 (01/26/2016)

Housing Partnerships Manager (Residential and Facilities Development Manager) (Fairfax County, VA) 1/4/16 (1/22/16)

Director of Human Resources (Jersey City, NJ) 1/4/16

Executive Operations Administrator (Bridgeport, CT) 1/4/16

Director of Planning, Redevelopment and Modernization (Bridgeport, CT) 1/4/16

Director of Housing Choice Vouchers (Bridgeport, CT) 1/4/16

Director of Human Resources (Las Vegas) 1/4/16

Partnerships & Community Relations Coordinator (Washington, DC) 12/14/15

Admissions Director (Austin, TX) 12/14/15 (1/8/16)

Administrative Officer IV (Boston, MA) 12/14/15 (1/12/16)

Civil Engineer IV (Boston, MA) 12/14/15 (1/23/16)

Moving To Work (MTW) Coordinator (Charlotte, NC) 12/14/15 (12/29/15)

Risk Management Specialist (Boston, MA) 12/14/15 (12/15/15)

Housing Program Specialist III (Boston, MA) 12/14/15 (12/18/15)

Senior Contract Manager (Newark, NJ) 12/14/15