Jobs & RFPs

To post a job, please email as Word attachment.

Announcements remain for 60 days unless otherwise requested. The date immediately following the city name is the date the item was posted to this site. If given, a second date in parentheses that follows the first is when the posting expires.

Deputy Executive Director (New Haven) 10/8/15 (until filled)

Director of Real Estate Development (Harris County, TX) 10/8/15 (10/23/15)

Director of Public Affairs (Harris County, TX) 10/8/15 (10/23/15)

Director of Planning and Development (Cambridge) 10/2/15 (10/30/15)

Regional Manager (Seattle) 10/2/15 (10/30/15)

Director of Development (Los Angeles) 9/29/15 (10/9/15)

Executive Director (Santa Clara) 9/29/15

Chief Financial Officer (Rockford) 9/25/15

Legal Counsel Services (Little Rock) 9/17/15 (11/3/15)

Chief Financial Officer (Pittsburgh) 9/4/15

Purchasing Assistant (Jersey City) 8/26/15 (9/9/15)

Director of Finance (San Francisco) 8/26/15

Deputy Executive Director, Housing Choice Voucher Program (San Francisco) 8/26/15

Housing Choice Voucher Program Supervisor  (Maui, HI) 8/25/15

Accountant (Maui, HI) 8/25/15

Housing Quality Standards Inspections RFP (Little Rock) 8/25/15

Assistant Director of Field Operations (Boston) 8/25/15

Housing Specialist I (Alameda, CA) 8/10/15

Director of Finance (El Paso, TX) 8/10/15

Property Manager (Little Rock, AR) 8/10/15

Housing Choice Voucher Specialist (Little Rock, AR) 8/10/15

Management Analyst (Alameda, CA) 8/5/15

Assistant Director of Housing Choice Vouchers - Park City Communities (Bridgeport, CT) 8/5/15

Human Resources Manager - Park City Communities (Bridgeport, CT) 8/5/15

Director of Finance - Park City Communities (Bridgeport, CT) 8/5/15

Property Manager - Mixed Finance Properties (New Haven, CT) 8/5/15

Non-Compliance/Placement Assistant - Program Coordinator II (Boston, MA) 7/27/15

Benefits Eligibility and Referral Social Worker (Boston, MA) 7/27/15

Rental Assistance Coordinator (Jersey City, NJ) 7/21/15