The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) is a preservation program focused on protecting and improving the nation’s at-risk public housing stock.

RAD allows housing authorities to leverage private capital through a variety of proven financing tools as a key solution in tackling the nearly $26 billion in unmet capital backlog needs in the Public Housing Program. RAD was initially authorized with a unit cap of 60,000 in the FY12 appropriations bill, which has since been lifted to 225,000 in the FY17 appropriations bill. To date, RAD has leveraged $3.8 billion in private financing and construction funding to recapitalize and convert approximately 60,000 public housing units to a Section 8 platform.
RAD Collaborative

CLPHA, with the support of HAI Group, Reno & Cavanaugh, CF Housing Group, and the National Equity Fund formed the RAD Collaborative in 2015. The Collaborative facilitates information sharing and productive relationships among housing authorities, their residents and development and financing partners, advisors and transactional service providers, local government, policy makers and other stakeholders working to implement RAD across the country. To learn more about the RAD Collaborative, please visit radcollaborative.org

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